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     As a little girl I will never forget the "pound"! Does that term give you a clue of my age? After going there I could've watched any scary movie and it would have never scared me the way the "pound" did. I can remember thinking the world is a scary place because how could there be so many people in the world that could easily go help an animal in that horrid place yet .....they are still there. Everyone pretending to care yet.......they are still there.

      I have never been known to be one that could stop saying what was on my mind, especially if my heart was hurting. I started very young speaking up for animals, caring for them and fighting for them. As I have grown older my compassion has never changed. I have always rescued canines, but as our economy worsened my rescue numbers rapidly grew due to overcrowded shelters and an increase of homeless dogs. My original plan was to form a registered rescue once I retired, but due to me witnessing the increase in our country of healthy dogs being euthanized daily, I knew I needed to step it up and organize 
a rescue to save more canines NOW because .... "They are still there" doesn't apply much anymore because due to lack of space to house the dogs and the funds to care for them many of them are euthanized.

     A strong compassion for canines is usually the catalyst that motivates people to establish a rescue. Albeit compassion is a virtue, rescue requires much more than merely compassion! It takes compassion, knowledge, patience, humility, experience, ethics, a sense of business, enthusiasm and most of all stamina for a successful rescue to continue.

      I have owned and operated many businesses in my life but rescue is truly the most stressful and heart-wrenching of all businesses. To call a rescue a business almost sounds cruel but it indeed must be orchestrated as a business or it will fail. A rescue must have a business plan (to include goals) that will create a way for it to remain both operable and successful. Rescues require funds to operate as any business does and needs people to work to help bring it all together. Many rescues fail not because it lacked any of the most 
fundamental aspects of rescue but because it simply did not have the funds to continue. This is very disheartening! As with all businesses the financial aspect is paramount but when a rescue cannot continue it is more than heartbreaking because the lives of many canines are put in jeopardy!

     There are many facets of rescue, as in any business.  Volunteers are an invaluable resource to a rescue. People to handle fundraising and the administration of the business are an essential element. Fosters.... without people that are willing to open their hearts and homes to a dog in need, and love, train and help the dog learn to live with a family, then a dog doesn't have a chance of being adopted into a wonderful home that will love them forever.... Other volunteers that transport dogs from shelters, vet appointments and to new homes are without a doubt a significant part of saving lives of dogs.

     People willing to handle the marketing side of rescue are also extremely important because without "getting the word out" then people would not know about the canines within a rescue that need homes nor would the public know how to provide the much needed support a rescue must have to continue. Proper and successful advertising of a rescue organization breathes life into the rescue organization and without it, it cannot exist. With today's advanced computer and other communication technology it has pathed the way for many animals to be rescued efficiently, safely and most importantly in a hasty fashion, that we all know is mandatory in rescue! Social medias such as Facebook and other essential internet applications and programs have been extremely successful marketing tools to SAVE LIVES OF ANIMALS. Those wonderful people that, instead of telling everyone on Facebook what they put on their bagel this morning, are taking the time to post and cross-post animals in need should be commended! (I do like bagels though!) Everyone has a talent, see how yours could be used to join to save the lives of canines. 

      Live in a rural area or very near to one? Live in an area where your local shelter is considered "high kill"?  Ask us about a successful system you can develop in a rural area that only has a "high kill" shelter. Many of these shelters are only labeled "high kill" because they do not have the resources or the funds to administer an adoption process or the volunteers to help. You may be surprised, as we have been, that the shelter management would welcome the help to save lives!!  Do not assume the management is always WANTING to euthanize (be it a gassing shelter, humane euthanization, etc).... Some do not have a choice.

Visit ECCA's Facebook page and LIKE our page to help to SAVE THE LIVES OF 
WONDERFUL CANINES! Here is the link: ECCA Facebook

 ECCA has saved the lives of many hundreds of dogs and placed them in loving permanent homes...... Without all the volunteers those canines would not be alive today! 

Is your dog sterilized? IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR PET SPAYED OR NEUTERED! Do not add to the overpopulation of animals! There are many low cost spay/neuter programs!

Please encourage people to adopt rescues versus purchasing a dog. By purchasing a dog people are supporting puppy mills and sometimes irresponsible and unethical breeders. We are not trying to say that all breeders are not good ones, there are wonderful, responsible and ethical breeders…..but if you want a purebred dog there are plenty of them in shelters around our country. Adopt a dog from a rescue or visit your local shelter and ADOPT a dog...... Hurry WHILE they are still there! Thousands upon thousands of adoptable dogs are euthanized in our country daily..... Make a difference!

JOIN OUR CRUSADE TO SAVE AS MANY WONDERFUL CANINES AS POSSIBLE!  Help them to make the journey into safe, loving and wonderful homes. They all deserve a chance of becoming a cherished family member.

Contact us to see what you can do.... Even the smallest fraction of your time can aid in saving lives!  You may be very surprised at how you can help!  HURRY............WHILE THEY ARE STILL THERE!!!

Thank you,
(Carmen ReGina Glover-Senato)
East Coast Canine Alliance, Inc

Letter from our President/Founder of ECCA