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Name: Oakley
NEED A FOSTER IN THE HAMPTON ROADS AREA OF VA or ultimately a "forever" home🙏
This boy is SUPER SPECIAL!!! Sweet is an understatement. Like to cuddle? Pet him once and he is your cuddle friend for life 💜
Ever wanted a reallllllllllly sweet pittie? HERE HE IS! He has one of those "Oh my goodness so sweet" faces that just makes your heart melt....and just when you think he can't get any cuter.... He crashes in your lap and lays against you like you are the answer to his every prayer💜
Remember our sweet Oakley (aka shelter name, String Bean) that we saved from a high kill shelter in December? Well, he is no longer a "string bean" lol. He has gained some weight and his skin/hair is looking so much better. He is doing terrific in his foster home in NC, but we need to move him up to the Hampton Roads area so that our vet, here in VaBeach, can treat him for his heartworms He is only about a year old and found to be healthy except we need to help his heart and get those worms out of there! 
Oakley would love to have another sweet dog as a companion. He gets lonely if his humans are not home. 
HE IS SUCH A SWEET DOG! He loves other dogs and loves his foster mom and dad SO MUCH! He sleeps with them at night 😘lol
Oakley is house trained and does fine in a crate during the day IF crated beside another dog. He does not like the crate if alone in a room. 
He's fine in the crate as long as he has blankets, chew toys, and MUST BE NEAR ANOTHER DOG(s) IN CRATES.
Foster mom said:
He's a huge cuddle bug and LOVES bedtime so he can cuddle and lay with you all night lol
He doesn't like the crate at night time. But is fine at day time with my dogs around him in crates. 
He's fine with food and treats and toys after he knows the dogs. But at first he didn't like to share food but now he's fine :) 
He loves to play rough with my Dane and Rottie mix. 
I haven't seen any aggression in him. 
Huge lover and loves toys and he loves socks 😂
So he needs a family who will let him sleep with them at night. Lol. Playful dogs. Lots of love and toys. 
He does pull on a leash but only at first when he's super excited to be on a leash lol. He loves car rides! But his favorite things to do is cuddle with people. He loves everyone! 
He has been taken to the vet and examined, fecal tested, 4D heartworm tested and they did a skin scrape due to the condition of his skin. No mites were found but he is on antibiotics for his skin, receiving medicated baths, dewormed for hookworms, and is UTD on rabies, DAP and bordatella vaccines. He will be starting his Doxycycline soon (precursor to heartworm treatments). We want his skin to improve before starting another antibiotic. 
His skin looks better since we pulled him. He still has some hair missing in some small areas but it is getting much better. Poor nutrition and neglect probably caused his skin issues. He will never be neglected again! 
If you have ever wanted a sweet pit type dog then OAKLEY IS ONE OF THE SWEETEST DOGS YOU WILL EVER MEET. 
IF INTERESTED IN FOSTERING OAKLEY (we need him in the Hampton Roads area so he can be treated for heartworms by our vet in Va Beach and he is being fostered in NC) please submit a foster app. He loves other dogs and everyone! (probably not a good idea for him to be with cats, he showed a little too much interest in them). He is fine with all size dogs and all people. 
🐶LINK to our FOSTER application:
Here's the link to our adoption application:
You have to SAVE the apps on your computer and print/fill out/sign it, and then either scan/email to ECCArescue@yahoo.com 
or fax it to 757-965-5185
(If you fill out on computer and send, when we receive it, it will be blank..... So it has to be printed/scanned/emailed or faxed.... We prefer it to be signed and then scanned and emailed if possible) 

Name: Ollie

OLLIE is available for adoption to a terrific home 
UTD on everything 
  • Neutered 
  • House trained 
  • Crate trained. 
  • Leash trained 
  • Basic obedience trained 
  • He stays right with you, once bonded with you 
  • Loves to play ball 
OLLIE is a very special rescue of ours❤​
Plays great daily with two female labs at his foster home 
-LOVES LOVES LOVES going for car rides.... It's his favorite thing to do! In fact, he is one of those kids you have to watch with strangers because if their car door opens HE JUMPS IN! (front, back, side doors doesn't matter which one) LOL
-You must have a 6' privacy fence to adopt Ollie so we know he has a safe place to play safely. 
*NO small animals (small dogs, cats, puppies etc) 
*older children would be better. He is not aggressive WHATSOEVER but plays a lot so just needs supervision 
OLLIE is VERY "FOOD" motivated which helps tremendously with training. 
He needs work on getting overly happy and loves the mouthy play nibbles and the jump, jump, "jumpies"(lol). Someone must be willing to continue his training to help him with those things. He takes correction very well though. He gets down the second you say down. When training if you have FOOD he will do anything to please you. 
There is not a mean bone is his body. 
You could try a "foster to adopt" scenario, if approved for adoption. 
When we saved our Ollie he was emaciated, had demodex and was not neutered. He was aloof and had energy he needed a way to channel properly like all dogs. He has chain scars around his neck that show his past life was rough. His beautiful face told us his story along with the scars and his bones sharply defined a life of neglect and cruelty. He has never once acted like an abused dog.... He doesn't cower, and has never ever as much as growled at a human being. He is not fearful at all. He dearly loves people. 
After much training, exercise along with tread mill exercise he calmed and also with attention he learned to love people. Now he can't get enough of people! Lol 
He has gone through so much and come so far we are very proud of him. He still needs someone that will love him enough to provide the further training and consistency he needs. He needs structure as all dogs do. He will not be able to be adopted out to someone that is just learning about dog training. We just don't want to ever risk him not progressing further from this point. We have dedicated so much to him and want him to get what he needs as far as continued training, LOVE and to bond with "his" human(s). 
PLEASE GIVE OLLIE A CHANCE AT A FOREVER HOME. He deserves to have the FIRST loving, caring INSIDE forever family and home he has ever had !
Name: Si

Si is a sweetheart and beautiful!
He is great with other dogs and loves people!
Never been with a cat so we don't know about cats. He is even great with puppies. 
Si needs a home where someone is home more often than not. He is what 
is consider a "Velcro" dog because he wants to be with you.
He is Housetrained and knows basic obedience   He has free roam of his foster home and no longer needs a crate (used for training). He is a good boy!
Good on a leash and has house manners. He can TALK to you. It's the cutest sound you've ever heard. 
We will be particular about his new home so you must be a very loving person and the kind that makes your dog an IMPORTANT MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY. 
  • UTD on core vaccines
  • neutered 
  • microchipped 
Si was attacked by another dog quite a while ago. He always loved children and still loves the 2 year old in his foster home, but since the attack he seems to be afraid of young kids.  It would seem he should be afraid of other dogs since the dog attacked him, but he isn't afraid of other dogs unless they are ugly towards him, it's children now that frighten him (??).   So he needs a home with older kids (14 and older please). 
Si would love to be in a home with another friendly and submissive dog like him and in a home where his person works from home or an at home parent or works only part-time outside the home.  He deserves the companionship and love.  
He is a very gentle and sweet boy.  Playful when you want him to be but always ready for "snuggle time".  
Name: Tobi.  Approx 8 mo old. (As of Jan2015)
Breed: purebred Doberman puppy.  SPECIAL NEEDS for a SPECIAL PERSON 

This little boy has more heart than most adults I have ever known. He was born deformed (spine and leg) and drags his rear leg.

HE WAS LIVING OUTSIDE WHEN WE SAVED HIM:( Another backyard breeder that sold all the healthy puppies (questionable as to their health but according to breeder they were not deformed) BUT of course no one wanted TOBY. THAT'S OK .... WE WANT HIM and if a perfect home is not found for him.... Our foster family has hearts of gold and will love and care for him forever if needed. 

He doesn't let his deformities slow him down often. He has the most endearing personality. He has the sweetest spirit about him. 

He has been examined many times by a veterinarian, x-rays done and there are  no surgeries that can correct his deformities.  We were hoping he could receive a corrective surgery but there is nothing that can be done.  He doesn't care and doesn't act any different than other puppies! 

He has a special harness that helps him tremendously.  It helps him to raise his leg up more, as not to drag the leg. He has improved already. 

He is a special angel. He loves everyone and every living creature. He is absolutely in love with the little human boy in his foster home. 
​However, now that the little boy is more mobile and so is Toby, there are times both of their clumsiness collide!  Haha.  Foster mom is starting to notice Toby getting a bit anxious around her son.  No biting has occurred and foster mom is vigilant but we are starting to feel Toby may need a home with children a little older.... Perhaps 8+.  This would eliminate any stressors for Toby, as he is deserves tranquility and happiness forever!     

Name: Oliver

THERE HAS TO BE A WONDERFUL (and we mean wonderful!) PERSON OUT THERE THAT IS EXPERIENCED AND IN LOVE WITH COCKER SPANIELS🙏🙏🙏. A very special lady that is now older and has to move to a facility that can care for her would be forever grateful if she knew Oliver will be loved forever and safe in a new family! 
Handsome Cocker Spaniel 
8 years old
UTD on vaccines, heartworm & flea preventatives (He does have a heart murmur but it doesn't affect him whatsoever)
Dog/cat social
Oliver's mom is very ill and could no longer care for Oliver and another dog she had. Her other dog has found a wonderful new family. One of our loyal foster moms has pet sit Oliver for years. He is now in foster with her until we can find him a LOVING AND SPECIAL HOME. Oliver means a lot to foster mom and to us and we have made a promise to his mom that he will only be adopted to a very loving and dedicated home. 
Here is what foster mom has said about Oliver:
**Oliver is friendly with people but would do best in a home WITHOUT small children. He is not mean, but when meeting new people, he does best to just be left alone to let him sniff, listen, etc. He gets nervous and scared when new people want to love all over him right off the bat. Typical Cocker, he wants to be friends on his terms! 
Walks and playing ball are two of his favorite pastimes and he will be your BFF if you do either of those things with him. He NEEDS to be exercised. When I first met him 5 years ago, he never got out of his house or backyard except to go to the vet or the groomer. He was sassy, guarded his mom and tried to bite anyone who got too close to her or tried to make him do something he didn't want to do. We have worked very hard on his socialization and it's turned him into a different dog. He has rules now and it's helped him so much. He's not a confident dog so the pressure of being in charge was not good for his brain! He needs a dog savvy owner who isn't going to let him regress. Also an owner who is going to be diligent about what "prized possessions" are left laying around, hence the no small children part. If he finds something he thinks is of value, he will resource guard it and get ugly. For me, he will "drop it", but he would not hesitate to bite his mom :( I, personally, have never had him act this way in our home, but I also don't leave things laying around for him to get into. 
At my house, he is crated anytime we are not home with him and also at night. He does fine in his crate, goes in easily and likes the little snack he gets when he gets there. He had free roam in his previous home and yes, he would get into the trash if that wasn't secured. 
He needs to be groomed every 6 weeks or so. His hair grows like crazy and his belly becomes especially matted. As far as I know, he's good at the groomer and he was fine when I had him at work last month so they could trim up his belly and legs for me. 
Oliver is a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel. We prefer someone that is experienced with his breed or at least dog savvy and understands his needs. He is a lovable little boy and needs the structure he is now accustomed to. 
HELP OLIVER FIND A NEW FAMILY SO HIS MOM WILL NOT WORRY♥️ she loves him so much! He was very well loved and cared for in her home. His foster mom love him very much as well. 
If you would like to adopt/meet Oliver then please submit an adoption application. 
He is being fostered in a private home so we do require an adoption app before sending anyone to their home to meet sweet Oliver. 
💜💛Adoption process:
The process may not take place in the exact order as listed below:
----Phone conversation (please provide phone number) DAY and EVENING NUMBERS if possible and let us know convenient times to call 
----Adoption application 
💜You can find our adoption application online on our website under "Contact Us"
🚨🚨You have to SAVE it on your computer and print/fill out/sign it, and then either scan/email to ECCArescue@yahoo.com or fax 757-965-5185
(If you fill out on computer and send, when we receive it, it will be blank..... So it has to be printed/scanned and emailed or faxed)
----Meet the dog(s)
----Home visit to see where the dog(s) would be living. We require to be able to meet everyone that lives in the household or that spends a great deal of time in the home. 
Vet records convey with adoption. 
Name: Mandy
Approx 2 yrs old 
Border Collie mix (possible Staffie mix) 
Loves other dogs her size or larger 
LOVES to play and run with other dogs.
Has a lot of sweet energy so NEEDS EXERCISE
Loves EVERYONE !!! 
No cats or small animals 
Great with older kids (younger kids OK if parent/s willing to take the time and be vigilant to train Mandy to be calm and gentle with kids. 
If she is not provided with the proper exercise then she will be too much energy for younger children.
We saved Mandy from a high kill shelter in January 2015. The shelter named her Sparkle because of her cheerfulness and beauty.... She shines! Mandy is another "Bertie Beauty" that came from Bertie County Animal Shelter. That county gives up some absolutely wonderful canines frown emoticon
We have been blessed to have sweet Mandy in our rescue and love her very much. She loves dogs and everyone she meets. 
She was actually adopted out and was with a wonderful family for about 4 months. Things changed in their household and they had to surrender Mandy back into our rescue. They truly loved her. 
Mandy needed more exercise and stimulation than what they were able to provide for her. 
Mandy has a high prey drive so would not do well with cats or small animals. Actually she is frightened of horses too! Lol 
Mandy has played great with all the dogs her size and larger that she has played with. She is too rambunctious with smaller dogs sometimes but gets along with them. 
Mandy needs an active family that will include her in everything they can, because Miss Nosey Rosey needs stimulation whether that be physical stimulation or mental stimulation. 
Her intelligence, need for a job and need to vent her energy and stay busy is a true instinct of the Border Collie that is in her. She also has that sweet loving Staffie trait. She is a great loving and friendly mix. 
She has a busy mind and lots of spunky energy so she needs a job. She is intelligent also, so she would be a great agility dog.
Border Collies MUST have frequent opportunities to vent their energy and to use their busy minds to do interesting things. Otherwise they will become rambunctious and bored -- Mandy is a very smart and great dog for the right family that understands and enjoys an active lifestyle and willing to love her and be dedicated to her needs. She is soooooo loving to everyone. It is hard to believe this baby hasn't been scooped up into a home quickly. She is a gem and very special to us.
Mandy is UTD on all core vaccines, tests, preventatives, spayed and microchipped.
MANDY IS A COMPLETE LOVE💜💜💜 and beautiful too!