East Coast Canine Alliance, Inc.
East Coast Canine Alliance, Inc.  (ECCA)
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About East Coast Canine Alliance, Inc.

East Coast Canine Alliance is a non-profit rescue covering the greater Hampton Roads area with headquarters based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our mission is to save the lives of all dogs in need that we encounter regardless of health, breed, or age. We believe in the inherent value of all life, and we strive to give every dog the chance at life and happiness that they deserve. We have a vision to provide safe and reliable foster homes for every dog coming through our rescue and to make a smooth transition to a loving, lifelong home with being restrained by limited resources or volunteers.


We receive dogs into our rescue from a number of sources including high kill shelters, owner surrenders, veterinary offices, and recovered strays. Our volunteers are willing to drive sometimes hundreds of miles to save a dog that needs us. Our process includes having every animal checked and treated by one of our approved veterinarians, evaluating them for personality profiles and behavioral issues, and placing them in foster homes that have been screened and matched to their needs. Our rescue, like most rescues, is sometimes forced to limit the number of dogs we can accept due to a limited number of foster homes. Because we never wish to turn a dog away, we are always looking for new volunteers to foster. 


When our resources prevent us from personally caring for all of the needs that we encounter,we strive to provide help in any way that we can. Many dogs in shelters are overlooked or euthanized due to space, health, and breed issues. We aim to change that by advertising shelter dogs, encouraging potential owners to fill out adoption paperwork, and performing house visits to approve homes for shelter dogs. ECCA then sends people to the shelters to adopt, or we attempt to provide transportation for the dogs to their new homes when needed. Since most shelters are unable to provide home checks, our services are a bonus for them. Administering the adoption process for these shelters that do not have the resources or funding to operate it themselves allows them to better match their dogs to new owners and increases the probability that the match will last. Our goal is always lifelong homes. 


Unfortunately every step of these processes requires funding. Veterinary care, vaccines, surgeries, food, supplies, fuel, etc. are very expensive, and we never let a dog go without anything they need. ECCA has saved the lives of many dogs that were pregnant, heartworm positive, lyme or ehrlichia positive, had pyometra, mange, cherry eyes, broken limbs, ectopic ureters, and many other health problems and injuries. Very rarely do our low adoption fees cover the cost of all that is needed to care for a dog throughout its veterinary and foster care. We can only manage to continue accepting these abandoned dogs through the support of generous donation of both time and money.


We are a registered corporation with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and the federal government. We are awaiting our IRS approval letter for tax exempt status and will update our website once the letter is received. Although we are indeed a non-profit, the city of Virginia Beach will not classify our corporation with a non-profit status in their filing until our IRS letter is received. If questions about our funding arise, please feel free to email us for our references. 

Please see our "Meet Our Rescue Team" link for a letter from our found and president,Carmen ReGina Glover-Senato, "Gina."